Chip Seal


Chip seal paving is a special kind of pavement that makes use of asphalt aggregate “chips” as part of it’s makeup. This is particularly useful in harder-to-reach roads. Utilizing tar and chip paving tactics, we can help construct a road through a specific stretch of land when nobody else can. Chipsealing is a consistently reliable option for rural roads, and it is our job to help ensure these roads are easy to traverse and simple to drive on. We want to make sure your road can stand the test of time, so we built our asphalt pavements to last.


Our paving contractors are well-versed in all forms of paving service. No matter where you need your road implemented, we can come to your location and pave the way. Don’t forget to ask us about driveway sealing and sealcoating. For more information on all of our services, contact us at H&B Paving in Lubbock, TX today!

Let the professionals in chip sealing provide you with our highest quality of workmanship. Call today at (806) 300-1347!

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